March 4, 2016

About Us


Blue Ridge Blooms is a specialty cut flower farm and custom floral design studio nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and serving the Asheville, North Carolina region. We have been in the Asheville area on and off for almost 20 years, spending most of the ‘off’ years learning from flower farmers and floral designers across the country.  In 2015 we found the perfect homestead for starting Blue Ridge Blooms, and we are so grateful to finally be living our dream of growing flowers for our community. Stewardship of the land is something we take great pride in. We only use sustainable, biodynamic farming practices that are beneficial to our plants and the environment. We know our flowers are happy because our soil is healthy. Each stem is part of our hands-on process, from seed to centerpiece, ensuring you are getting the highest quality blooms.



More About Mandy…

“I have always had a love for flowers and floral design dating back to when I was a young girl growing up in South Carolina. I couldn’t wait for spring so I could ride off on my bicycle and make my mom’s day by coming home and surprising her with daffodil bouquets. In the summer time, regular visits to my grandparent’s home in Winston-Salem allowed me to tag along and help my paw paw while he filled the fields with compost on his farm. These early years were the seed of what was to come.

“After studying horticulture at Haywood Community College, my passion for growing flowers began to take shape in 2007 when I started working for a very accomplished flower farmer, Dave Dowling at Farmhouse Flowers, in Washington, DC. For the next three years this experience provided an invaluable education in all aspects of the floral industry. Learning various growing techniques, creating custom arrangements, working farmer’s markets, and business management were part of my daily life. The inspiration for one day owning a flower farm started to fill my dreams.

“I spent the following years cultivating my own floral design techniques and deepening my education.

“I am an active member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers Growers (ASCFG) and Appalachian Grown Certified. I have studied with many talented designers, including Love N’ Fresh Flowers, Ponderosa + Thyme, Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers, Kelly Perry, Bows + Arrows, and Floret. Through design courses and visits with flower farms across the country, I have established strong working relationships in the floral community locally and nationally. I continue to seek out every opportunity to learn about growing the best flowers possible.

“All of these experiences come from a young girl always wanting to make my mom smile, and today that passion is the heart and soul of BLUE RIDGE BLOOMS. I love spreading the beauty of my flowers within the community and I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

With love,

Mandy (& Bob)”